Win market share by forcing your company forward in a downturn economy.

Solethu Brand Engineers

Let’s not kid ourselves, South African consumers, companies and brands are all under pressure.

Unemployment sits at 26% and the paying public is being forced to change their buying habits.

That’s the type of news that makes “immigration consultants” a lot of money while, for most of us who are determined to make things work here on the continent’s most southern tip, the news pushes us into an uncomfortable space where we either baton down the hatches or we “go brave”.

In trying times like these there are a few things to keep in mind if you are running a company, or providing a service of any kind.

When the going gets tough…

Warren Buffet – he of trillions of rand wealth and one of the smarter guys on the planet is a firm believer of “investing when stocks are down” – and the same applies for businesses in downturn economies.

When your competition is consolidating and, even, downsizing in response to negative market sentiment – it creates an opportunity to gain more market share, faster – leaving you in a far better position when things, inevitably as cycles go, move back up.

This does not just relate to the usual advertising channels you currently invest in but, certainly also, to finding new and innovative ways of reaching both your customers and your employees.

Right now, customer loyalty is everything and you need your teams to be up for it, motivated to deliver on your company’s brand promises.

It’s not on top, it’s inside.

Great marketing starts in the back-end.

That means your offices, your premises, your store needs to communicate the right messages – along with making sure your systems and processes (and people) are capable of serving the market efficiently.

From an employee-engagement perspective there is much that can be done to improve productivity, internal-innovation, motivation and cultivating a can-do culture that, in turn, helps your brand retain more (hard won) business.

A down market does not mean nobody is buying or doing business – it just means people are purchasing differently and are taking more care when making decisions.

How are you positioning your brand and communicating your core messages? Now is the time to take one giant leap forward and put pedal to the metal.

Executed well, the rewards could be staggering . . . putting you in-front of those competitors who choose to retreat to the “fallout shelter”.

Re-engineer and reinvent your brand communication.

Solethu Brand Engineers (SBE) are experts in internal branding, out-of-home, car wrapping, building wrapping and other innovative digital print and branding solutions that can help you gain a bigger share of voice in the market place.

From the very biggest of companies to smaller operations – our team of specialists are experienced in delivering work that wows.

Get in touch and let’s have a conversation about how SBE can help you make hay while the sun hides a little (for now).

SBE is a BBBEE Level 2 company specialising in digital print and branding innovations.

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