11 reasons why vehicle wrapping is better than painting.

Solethu Brand Engineers

Thinking about wrapping your company (or private) vehicles?

Get it right and you can enjoy high-impact branding that gets your message across. Get it wrong and it is bound to look a little sloppy and out of sync.

Solethu Brand Engineers (SBE) understands the process of creating flawless, unique and effective vehicle wraps that deliver visually striking brand exposure. We only use fit for purpose materials, processes and techniques – suited to specific car makes and models.

We study every inch of your vehicle to ensure a smooth and professional application of the artwork.

This article highlights 11 reasons for wrapping (instead of painting) your cars. 

“When it comes to marketing for your business, your vehicle can be a great asset. Some businesses have their fleets repainted so that they have the right logo and contact information. However, it can be very expensive and the car’s resale value will decrease with the new paint job.

The way your car look needs to give the right impression about your business. It should be professional looking without being bland. Having a car wrap installed to your car or fleet will give your vehicle or vehicles a consistent, aesthetically pleasing look. . .”

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SBE is a BBBEE Level 2 company specialising in digital print and branding innovations.

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