5 trends that are shaping the OOH experience

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In the US it is projected that out-of-home revenue will increase by up to 5/5% in 2018.

Remarkable about this growth, according to, is that only two offline media are expected to grow in 2018, the other being TV.

“Every other offline media, including print and radio, are expected to have lower advertising revenues.

It begs the question: Why is OOH succeeding where others are failing? The answer is the steady trend of innovation and modernisation that will continue throughout 2018. Increased technology, increased availability of analysis tools and an increased variety of media have provided advertisers with the greater precision and larger number of opportunities they need in the modern marketplace.”

This article highlights 5 trends to watch in 2018.

  1. Software and automation are increasing efficiency and effectiveness
  2. Data is being used for greater targeting and measurement precision
  3. Mobile will be even more integrated as a data source and campaign vehicle
  4. DOOH will continue to grow as a major force in OOH
  5. Localisation, contextual messages and utility placements are on the rise

South Africa tends to follow marketing trends from the US and other territories, usually a little later than our advanced world neighbours.

Take note of these trends as they are certain to start impacting our landscape soon.

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